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Gigantic Map scaled for all BtS maps 2016-10-05

Gigantic Map scaled for all BtS maps

  1. jpinard
    I found that the "Huge" Maps weren't quite big enough. Close... but not perfect for 18 player maps. So I made an additional size map that doesn't over-write any map information and is available on almost all the normal maps.

    This only works for BtS since I didn't want to bother make & test it for just Vanilla or Warlords.

    From the readme:


    To Install. Just extract into your My Documents directory and double click the Gigantic Maps for BtS executable
    Couldn't be any easier!

    Files are installed into:
    \Beyond the Sword\Custom Assets\Xml\Gameinfo


    \Beyond the Sword\Custom Assets\Xml\Text

    Original files are included as ~ Original *.*
    so you can easily see what was added.


    Adds a slightly larger map size that adds new map values
    to compensate for the bigger maps. The additions
    were made to to be perfectly in line with Firaxis's defaults.
    There is no need to ever delete this since it makes
    no changes to the other maps.

    Gigantic map size is 36 x 22. See included Excel sheet
    for the math I used to determine the 19 values.
    All final numbers are in blue.

    http://www.jeffpinard.com/BtS Gigantic Maps 2.png