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Gilgamesh's Generous Gifts 0.4

Balance tweaks and additional content intended for better single player

  1. Gilgasmash
    Glorious Gilgamesh Gains - Mod v0.3 06Nov2016

    Latest changes:
    - Upgrade costs doubled (still cheaper than buying)
    - Encampment and Barracks 25% cheaper
    - Tomyris healing on kill halved
    - Several minor balance changes based on feedback

    - Lowered boosts & chopping output
    - New Unit (Explorer) & building (Smokehouse)
    - Lots of coastal and lake buffs
    - Cost of upgrading units roughly doubled
    - More housing without fresh water
    - More Great People Points for higher tier buildings
    - Unique improvement buffs
    - Slight unit balance, unique units buffs
    - More small changes that simply make sense

    * If you don't like some changes, you can remove the corresponding file from .modinfo(i.e. GGG_Boosts.xml for Boosts nerfs)
    * No map related change included to stay compatible with map packs.
    * Most in-game descriptions won't update correctly. It's a hassle to fix and is buggy, will do it after a few iterations or a major patch.

    Reduced builder output when removing features (chopping) by 50%

    Reduced Technology & Civics Boosts from 50% to 35%. China from 60% to 45%.

    Upgrade costs up from 1.5g per production to 3g per prod (buying units still costs 4g per prod)

    Fresh water 5 (no change)
    Coast 4 (from 3)
    No water 3 (from 2)

    Buildings & Districts:
    Bank, University, Shipyard, Armory, Temple:
    +2 Great People Points (up from +1)
    Military Academy, Stock Exchange, Research Lab, Seaport:
    +3 GPP (up from +1)

    Harbor has +2 production adjacency bonus with City Center
    Lighthouse adds +1 gold to coast and lake tiles, +1 food to lake tiles
    Industrial Zone gets adjacency bonus from lumber mills
    Shipyard has a base +2 production before its adjacency bonus
    Aerodrome now gives a trade route
    Barracks cost from 80 to 60
    Encampment base cost from 60 to 45

    Production cost increased from 50 to 90
    Cost no longer scales with neighborhood/aqueduct penalty
    Now gives +1 food per adjacent farm or plantation

    (all yields listed are what's added to the base)
    Ziggurat +1 culture, +0.5 Housing
    (base 2 science, 1 culture river adj)
    Stepwell +1 faith
    (base 1 food, 1 housing, 1 faith holy site adj, 1 food farm adj, 1 faith feudalism, 1 housing sanitation)
    Sphinx +1 faith, +1 culture
    (base 1 faith, 1 culture, 2 faith wonder adj)
    Mission +1 science, +1 faith, -1 faith other continent, +0.5 Housing
    (base 1 faith, 2 faith other continent, 1 science campus adj)
    Kurgan +1 gold, +1 culture, +1 faith with Divine Right, can no longer be built next to each other (a bit of lore here)
    (base 1 faith, 1 gold, 1 faith pasture adj, 1 gold guilds/capitalism)
    Colossal head +1 faith
    (base 2 faith, 0.5 faith rainforest/wood adj)
    Château +1 Culture, +1 Housing, no longer requires a river, can't be built next to each other
    (base 1 culture, 2 culture wonder adj, 1 gold luxury adj)
    Great Wall +2 gold, +1/3 Housing
    (base 1 gold adj, 1 culture adj)
    Farms can now be built on Tundra with Civil Service.
    Quarry +1 gold

    New Building: Smokehouse
    60 production, Animal Husbandry
    +1 food
    +1 food to coastal, lake, cattle, sheep and deer tiles

    New Unit: Explorer
    Requirements: Guilds
    Type: Recon Unit
    35 str, 120 prod, 3 move, 3 sight
    New: All Recon units ignore river crossing
    Known issue: Visuals are messed up, it often looks like a Warrior with a Settler icon
    (can't fix without overwriting entire files, delete both GGG_Explorer.xml entries in .modinfo to remove)

    Scout combat from 10 to 12, cost from 30 to 20
    Archer production cost from 50 to 55
    Increased Maintenance of War Cart, Warrior and Slinger to 1
    Horseman combat From 35 to 33
    Knight combat from 48 to 45
    Pikeman combat from 41 to 42, production cost from 200 to 180 (same as knight)
    Galley (and Longship) production cost improved from 65 to 50
    Quadrireme production cost from 120 to 100, Movement from 3 to 4
    Caravel +1 Sight Range, Movement from 4 to 5
    Ironclad combat from 60 to 65
    Destroyer movement from 4 to 5 (same as ironclad)
    Battleship movement from 5 to 4 (same as frigate and missile cruiser)
    Helicopter movement from 4 to 5 (same as cavalry)

    Unique Units:
    Saka Horse Archer production cost from 100 to 90, melee combat from 15 to 20
    Egyptian Chariot prod cost from 140 to 120
    Berserker production cost from 180 to 160, combat from 40 to 45
    Crouching Tiger melee combat from 30 to 40
    Conquistador production cost from 250 to 240 (same as musketman), maintenance from 4 to 2
    Redcoat and Garde Impériale combat from 65 to 70
    Rough Riders and Cossack from 67 to 73
    P51 Mustang ranged combat from 65 to 75

    Leader Traits:
    Tomyris healing on kill reduced from 50 to 25.

    Things I haven't found a way to change:
    Gold amount when deleting units
    Changing base housing for adjacent mountain, tundra, etc.
    Artwork for new units without overwriting default files

    Things I probably don't want to change in this mod:
    Policy cards, governments, great people, map features
    Civ6 Design decisions (i.e. unique units do not require resources, most buildings are in districts, etc.)

    Next Steps:
    Some balancing based on actual data
    Changing factories to be smoother instead of a hard limit at 6 tiles
    Experiment with conditional buffs (i.e. Spearman +5str if your empire has Iron + ironworking)
    Fail then get bored and quit for a month
    Funky requirements for funky units (i.e. require trading posts for explorers, relic for crusaders)

    Disclaimer: Feel free to use anything in there in your own mod.
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  1. Levy
    Version: 0.3
    Great Mod. I like all the changes. Only the name fits not right, i think. First i thought the mod is something about the Gilgamesh Leader and not a complete Overhaul. Glad i was curious. Thank you.