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Global Arms Trade - Strategic Industry II

Global Arms Trade - Strategic Industry II V. 2.04

Arms are a new Strategic resource required by most global units and can be traded.

REQUIRES Steel and Thunder by Deliverator
If you choose not to use Steel and Thunder then you must remove the folder labeled SI_Steel_and_Thunder from Global Arms Trade
Also requires Rise & Fall AND Persia & Macedon DLC (makes a reference to Basilikoi Paides building. I'm pretty sure it will crash if you don't have have this.)

Arms are produced by the Palace and/or selected Encampment, Harbor, Aerodrome, Industrial Zone, or Campus buildings if the player possesses the prerequisite strategic and bonus resources.

Most pre-Modern Era Arms resources have the Palace as a prerequisite to minimize the difficulty in obtaining Arms.

Constructing districts and/or buildiings in each city will produce multiple copies of the Arms resources.

These buildings and mines over strategic resources are strategic targets. Destroying them will make the Arms resources disappear.

Civilizations that receive traded Arms do not need the prerequisite buildings or improvements. Although the two strategic resource rule still applies if you don't have an Encampment or Harbor.

In order to keep most pre-Modern Era Arms resources relevant in the late game +1 Culture is added to the Archaeological Museum at the obsolete techs of the related units. The yield only comes from the first copy of each resource. A detailed list is found in the Civilopedia in the Archaeological Museum entry.

Other changes:
  • All Civs get a free Builder at game start to help the AI get a jump start. Removing the file titled SI_Starting_Builder will remove this if it's not your cup of tea.
  • Copper, Iron, Aluminum, Coal, Niter, Oil now appear on a wider variety of Terrains and Features. I did my research keep it realistic.
  • Lumber Mill moved to the Wheel
  • Iron moved to Iron Working

New raw material resources and their prerequisites:
  • Ore (Strategic)(Copper or Iron + Palace or Encampment). First copy gives +1 Production to the Factory.
  • Timber (Bonus)(Lumber Mills).
  • Lumber (Strategic)(Timber + Palace or Workshop). Required directly by the Galley, Quadrireme, Catapult, Battering Ram, Siege Tower and Trebuchet (Steel and Thunder). First copy gives +1 Production to the Factory.
  • Marine Fuel (Strategic) (Coal or Oil or Uranium + Harbor)
  • Industrial Steel (Strategic)(Iron + Coal + Factory or Shipyard)

Arms resources and their prerequisites:
  • Spears (Ore + Palace or Encampment)
  • Chariots (Ore + Horses + Palace or Encampment)
  • Swords (Ore + Palace or Barracks)
  • Rider Gear (Ore + Horses + Palace or Stable)
  • Crossbows (Ore + Palace or Barracks)
  • Pikes (Iron + Palace or Barracks)
  • Heavy Armor (Iron + Swords + Palace or Armory)
  • Muskets (Niter + Palace or Armory)
  • Muskets & Pikes (Muskets + Pikes + Palace or Armory)
  • Caravels (Lumber + Shipyard)
  • Frigates (Lumber + Niter + Ore + Shipyard)
  • Privateers (Lumber + Niter + Ore + Shipyard)
  • Bombards (Ore + Palace or Armory)
  • Knight's Ensemble (Heavy Armor + Rider Gear + Palace or Armory)
  • Field Cannons (Niter + Ore + Palace or Armory)
  • Cavalry Ensemble (Muskets + Rider Gear + Swords + Palace or Military Academy)
  • Ironclads (Niter + Iron + Coal + Lumber + Shipyard)
  • Rifles (Niter + Iron + Palace or Military Academy)
  • Bazookas (Industrial Steel + Military Academy)
  • Military Trucks (Industrial Steel + Oil + Power Plant)
  • Tanks (Industrial Steel + Oil + Power Plant)
  • Artillery (Industrial Steel + Military Academy)
  • Infantry Gear (Industrial Steel + Military Academy)
  • Submarines (Industrial Steel + Oil + Seaport)
  • Battleships (Industrial Steel + Marine Fuel + Shipyard)
  • Biplanes (Oil + Lumber)
  • Recon Gear (Industrial Steel + Research Lab)
  • Machine Guns (Industrial Steel + Power Plant)
  • Helicopters (Aluminum + Oil + Research Lab)
  • Destroyers (Industrial Steel + Marine Fuel + Seaport)
  • Aircraft Carriers (Industrial Steel + Marine Fuel + Seaport)
  • Modern Armor (Industrial Steel + Oil + Uranium + Research Lab)
  • Bombers (Aluminum + Oil + Hangar)
  • Anti-Air Guns (Industrial Steel + Power Plant)
  • Fighters (Aluminum + Oil + Hangar)
  • Drones (Aluminum + Oil + Research Lab)
  • Armored Personnel Carriers (Industrial Steel + Oil + Research Lab)
  • RPG's (Industrial Steel + Research Lab)
  • Rocket Launchers (Industrial Steel + Oil + Research Lab)
  • Nuclear Submarines (Industrial Steel + Uranium + Research Lab)
  • Missile Cruisers (Industrial Steel + Marine Fuel + Research Lab)
  • Jet Fighters (Aluminum + Oil + Airport)
  • Jet Bombers (Aluminum + Oil + Airport)
  • Mobile Sams (Industrial Steel + Oil + Research Lab)
  • Cuirassier Ensemble (Knights Ensemble + Muskets + Palace or Military Academy)(Steel and Thunder)
  • Cogs (Lumber + Harbor)(Steel and Thunder)
  • Galleass (Lumber + Harbor)(Steel and Thunder)
  • Gatling Guns (Niter + Copper + Military Academy)(Steel and Thunder)
  • Mortars (Industrial Steel + Power Plant)(Steel and Thunder)
  • Self Propelled Artillery (Industrial Steel + Oil + Research Lab)(Steel and Thunder)
My goal is to keep this as streamlined and uncomplicated as possible by:
  • Using base game buildings as prerequisites to minimize the steps to building units.
  • Including the Arms prerequisites in the title of the resources for a quick first glance.
  • Keeping the unique units untouched.
  • Setting resources to Abundant also makes a big difference.

Special Thanks:
  • Gedemon. Combat and Stacking Overhaul was used as a reference.
  • Deliverator for creating such great mods!




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This is an AM-A-ZING idea. im just kinda sad it's not working because of my own mods/tweaks incompatibilities : completly my fault. But this idea is dope, civ7 should add that srsly, it's about a desire of realism (before soldiers were weapons) and a gameplay far improved this way ... we know weapon's trade always existed in history ... why firaxis didn't have this in mind... you could even trade unique units this way and make if you wanted too a multi-cultural army !!! Creator i salute this mod, please make firaxis notice it xD
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