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Global War Scenario (Vanilla) 1.21

100-Turn Global Nuclear War Scenario

  1. Das Capitolin
    100-Turn Global War Scenario based on the Civilization VI multiplayer scenario Global Thermonuclear War. Retains Proxy War, Armageddon, and Tank Banker Victories. AI agenda is Nuke Happy, and includes Enjoys War trait. No War Weariness or Warmonger Penalties. Disables Space Race, Religion, and Rock Bands. Settler production is restricted, and captured Settlers turn into Builders. Excellent for individual multiplayer (Player vs AI) or teamed multiplayer (Players vs AI).

    NOTICE 2/14: At this time, Global War Scenario is only compatible with the Civilization VI base game, as an unknown conflict exists within Rise & Fall or Gathering Storm.

    Also available: Nuke Happy Warmongers (single/multi-player, all versions)

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