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Global Warming mod 2016-10-05

Global Warming mod

  1. Minor Annoyance
    Global Warming Mod version 1.11

    As seen (heard) on ModCast episode 27

    Included in PIG Mod, BUFFY Mod, Legends of Revolution

    In general this mod makes global warming less likely, less severe, and easier to counter. In the case of maps with heavy snow and tundra it might even be beneficial.

    - Source code is included. Changes marked with "GWmod" comment.
    - Upgraded to 3.19
    - Global Warming can hit ocean tiles and remove ice
    - Ice adds to global warming defence like forests/jungles
    - Terrain doesn't go directly to desert when hit. They go Snow>Tundra>Grassland>Plains>Desert.
    - Running environmentalism (or any civic modded to increase health) increases the value of features that add to global warming defence. In GlobalDefinesAlt.xml as TREEHUGGER_DEFENSE_BONUS
    - Recycling Centers negate buildings bad health effect on global warming as well as on the city.
    - Bad health from power and bonuses (resources) added to global warming calculation. (Public transportation building does not reduce global warming from oil's bad health)
    - Weight of power bad health set to 10. In GlobalDefinesAlt.xml as GLOBAL_WARMING_POWER_WEIGHT
    - Weight of bonus bad health set to 10. In GlobalDefinesAlt.xml as GLOBAL_WARMING_BONUS_WEIGHT
    - Option in custom game to have desert tiles that are adjacent to water without hills or peaks turn to coast tiles if hit with global warming.
    - Snow/tundra tiles with forests melt before the forest is destroyed.
    - Forests on grasslands become jungles with global warming
    - Different global warming defence values for different features. Values found in new xml field in CIV4FeatureInfos.xml
    - Separates the effects of nuclear weapons from global warming to have nuclear winter. Drops fallout and may freeze tiles. Plains and grasslands>tundra>snow.
    - Chance of GW adjusts better to maps with different ocean/landmass sizes.

    Possible future features:
    - GW defence factors that are adapted to the map configuration.
    - Chance of GW adjusted with game speed.
    - More variation in GWDefence value of forests based on improvements built on the tile, if it's being worked etc.
    - Deserts that flood will keep an Oil resource if it had one
    All future changes are dependent on if they are possible and if I know how to accomplish them.

    Forum topic: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=302649

    Thanks to xienwolf, Dresden, and EmperorFool for help decrypting and writing code I didn't understand.


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