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Global Warming (v.7) 2016-10-05

Global Warming (v.7)

  1. FramedArchitect
    Late Game Climate Simulator
    This mod creates the possibility that Global Warming will affect the game world. Once any Civilization has entered the Industrial Era, there is a chance that a Global Warming Event will strike a tile. As the world grows warmer, Global Warming Events will happen more frequently and will tend to be more destructive. Both Map Size and Game Speed are taken into account when calculating event probability.

    Global Warming is affected by the world's population and some buildings (e.g. Factories), technologies (e.g. Combustion), and improvements (e.g. Manufactories). Global Warming is mitigated by certain map elements including Forests, Jungles, Ice, Snow, Tundra and Fallout.

    Includes a graphical Global Warming Meter (available via the Diplo Corner pulldown menu).

    Global Warming Events
    * Melting Snow and Ice
    * Desertification: Land tiles may become drier, which may lead to lost features and resources.
    * Warming Seas: Coastal waters may gain or lose resources
    * Flooding: Flat tiles near coasts and rivers may lose improvements.
    * Hurricanes: Affected city will lose population and lose many improvements.
    * Jungle Expansion: A region will be overrun by jungle and marsh, destroying previous improvements and resources.

    * Vanilla, GnK, BNW
    * Any map type.
    * Any saved game.
    * Any mod, as long as it includes the Industrial Era.

    Supported Languages
    English, German and French (provided by Balthichou)

    Some tile changes will not accurately display on the map until you save and reload the game. Tooltips will always display correct terrain information.

    If you have trouble downloading or installing this mod (i.e. the mod does not display in your Mods list), see this guide. MAC Users should consult this CivFanatics forum thread for help on enabling mods.


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