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Glon 4 2019-12-31

Single player Scifi mod

  1. Snodmaulvenn
    A file G275 needs to be replaced or game crashes when that unit wins, because there is a typo in file.

    Here is a link to file

    Here is a path to file
    Glon 4\Art\Units\G257

    Glon 4 single player scifi mod.
    Units and files are from other mods and from Civfanatics.
    Images are from Cgi artists sites and other sites.

    26 civs divided into five segments, humans, cyborgs, machines, unitology and aliens.
    Each segment balanced differently.
    Human segment have options in defensive play in early game when their units are weakest of all segments. Humans need specialists to detect invisible.
    Cyborg segment is more expansive than human because it needs only 1 citizen to make settler, early cyborg units are invasive and have detect invisible on main battle units which is sinper.
    Machines are the fastest expanders because they dont need citizens to make settlers. They have special buildings to make them the most productive segment. Machines dont have naval power, and have weak air power, they also dont have detect invisible technology.
    Unitology segment is greatest in producing most units fast, they have detect invisible from captured cyborg sniper.
    Aliens are further divided into two segments. First segment are predators who have all units invisible, strong main battle unit, dont have naval power except subs. Other alien segment is not invisible, they have the fastest fire rate on main battle units and the strongest air power of all.

    There are eight strategic resources, most are scifi, divided into three segments, energy, explosives and metal. Heavy later game units are same types but constructed with different combinations of resources which determines their stats. For example: it is possible to build level 3 heavy unit with metal from level three and power resource from level 1, and later produce same type with power resource from level 3.

    Game should be won before player reaches level 3.
    Possible victory types are conquest, domination and wonder victory.
    Tech trading is turned off.
    Most names for civs, techs, cities, buildings and units are from random fantasy name generators or other random game generators.

    Changes in Glon 4
    Fixed some typos in civilopedia.
    Added some wonders buildings and units.
    Switched some wonders between techs.
    Some level 1 and level 2 unit balancing.

    Thanks to all that make units and game art.


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