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Glon 9 2020-01-13

Single player Scifi mod

  1. Snodmaulvenn
    Update 19.1.2020
    While playing i found another typo, in \Conquests\Conquests\Glon 9\Art\Units\G138 , G138. ini is named G139, you can rename manually or copy paste renamed ini file i have posted.

    Glon 9 Single player Scifi mod

    Units and files are from other mods and from Civfanatics.
    Images are from Cgi artists sites and other sites.

    26 civs divided into five segments, humans, cyborgs, machines, unitology and aliens.
    Each segment is balanced differently.

    Possible victory types are conquest, domination and wonder victory.
    Tech trading is turned off. No nukes.
    Most names for civs, techs, cities, buildings and units are from random fantasy name generators or other random game generators.

    Units and wonders have been moved to first phase so that game last like 2 to 4 hours, otherwise with 4 phases would be 12 hours or more.

    Changes in Glon 9

    Now heavy armor can be produced n cities also.
    Added two new Unitology civs.

    Game freezes sometimes because a city first has to produce any unit before it produces a wonder or improvement that produces settlers or workers. In that case reload a game and make a unit and then make settler producing wonder.

    Thanks to all that make units and game art.


    1. Screenshot (169).png