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(GnK) East Asia Universalis [Minimized] v 1.44

EAU, East Asia, Universalis

  1. (GnK) East Asia Universalis [Minimized]

    Kike Lee
    140th turn Joseon Play Screenshot

    1. Haixi Cavalry stronger now. If Qing made wrong choice, Haixi's counterstrike is more crucial than before.

    2. Joseon Posu is weaken in foreign territory. Posu is stong only in Joseon territory and near of Seoul.

    3. Hashiba and Hojo in permanent war. Hojo getting more difficult than before. Tokugawa could get profit if he conquer Edo ealier than Hashiba. Date and Uesugi should make a choice, March to Mutsu or Edo.

  2. (GnK) East Asia Universalis [Minimized]

    Kike Lee
    Minor Balance Factor Modified
  3. (GnK) East Asia Universalis [Minimized]

    Kike Lee
    Balance for small countries.

    Ryukyu, Hashiba, Takeda

    Qing, Shimazu, Joseon
  4. East Asia Universalis v 1.40

    Kike Lee
    View attachment 536692
    L World Map of World Builder

    < East Asia Universalis v 1.40 >

    * Balancing for weak Civs.

    * Dipolmacy changed.
    - Hashiba having infinite war with Mori.
    - Shimazu having infinite war with Ryukyu
    - Middag having infinite war with East India Company.
    - Hojo having war with Uesugi.