(GnK) Europa Universalis

(GnK) Europa Universalis v2.66


L World Builder's world map.

< Europa Universalis v 2.58 >

* This Map is conversion EU4 to Civ5 GnK map.
(!!! only for GnK. so BNW user should turn off BNW before start Civ 5 !!!)

* It is made by Vanila World Builder. So you don't need to install any MODs.
(But I Highly recommend to use of [[ERAS-Industrial Age]] MODs~~)

* Made by Vanila World Builder, there are many reusing of Civs and

< How to Play >

step 1. copy and unzip dowloaded files in Civ5's "Maps" folder.

step 2. open "GnK" (no BNW!!), go to Menu > Mods > Single Game

step 3. Pick this map, check 'load scenario', choose a civilization to play.

< Game Guide >

* No spy, No Sci, Diplmt victory.

* All Blank tiles are below to Iceland(City-state).

* Iceland is ally of Golden Horde(Non-playable). Golden Horde is having permanent war with every Civs. To explore every blank tiles, Defeat Golden Horde and get alliance with Iceland.

* After Start, each Civ was given special unit but can't produce them.

* After start, Each Civ has specific diplomatic status.

* AI Difficulty is VERY HARD(GOD). Do not hesistate to use the Luxury Fraud strategy.


L 155th turn, Marinid play screenshot.
After conquering north Africa.
Big 5 Empires founded : UK / France / Ottoman / Austria / Russia

< Playable Civ [Original Civ] / Difficulty >

1. Sweden [Himself] / Normal
2. Burgundy [France] / Very Hard
3. France [Himself] / Very Easy
4. Austria [Himself] / Normal

5. Ireland [Green Celts] / Very Hard
6. Scotland [Blue Celts] / Hard
7. Holy Rome [Purple Germany] / Normal
8. Brandenburg [White Germany] / Easy
9. Ottoman [Himself] / Very Easy
10. Marinids [Songhai] / Very Hard
11. Hungary [Huns] / Hard
12. Albania [Greek] / Very Hard
13. England [Himself] / Very Easy
14. Lithania [Brown Russia] / Normal
15. Russia [Yellow Russia] / Easy
16. Holland [Netherland] / Very Hard
17. Castilla [Spain] / Very Easy

18. Venezia [Byzantine] / Normal
19. Byzantine [Purple Byzantine] / Very Hard
20. Denmark [Himself] / Very Hard
21. Mamluks [Arabia] / Hard

22. Golden Horde [Mongols] / Non-Playable


L 167th turn, My Austria Play Screenshot.
After beat Ottoman & Venezia, my Austrian Empire got enormous fortune. And married and married City-states of Italy, Balkan.
With this power, I've confronted the Coalition of France, Castilla, Brandenburg and Holy Rome Empire.
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