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(GnK)Medieval East Asia Universalis [Extreme] v 1.95

MEA, Universalis, Ea

  1. Kike Lee
    0000 (1).jpg
    L World Map of World Builder

    < Medieval East Asia Universalis >

    * This Map is conversion EU4 to Civ5 GnK map.
    (!!! only for GnK. so BNW user should turn off BNW before start Civ 5 !!!)

    * It is made by Vanila World Builder. So you don't need to install any MODs.
    (But I Highly recommend to use of [[ERAS-Renaissance Age]] MODs~~)

    * Made by Vanila World Builder, there are many reusing of Civs and

    < How to Play >

    step 1. copy and unzip dowloaded files in Civ5's "Maps" folder.

    step 2. open "GnK" (no BNW!!), go to Menu > Mods > Single Game

    step 3. Pick this map, check 'load scenario', choose a civilization to play.

    < Game Guide >

    * No spy, No Sci, Diplmt victory.

    * All Blank tiles are below to Assam Himalaya(City-state).

    * Himalaya is ally of Kyushu Wako(Non-playable). Kyushu Wako is having permanent war with every Civs. To explore every blank tiles, Defeat Kyushu Wako and get alliance with Assam Himalaya.

    * After Start, each Civ was given special unit but can't produce them.

    * After start, Each Civ has specific diplomatic status.

    * AI Difficulty is VERY HARD(GOD). Do not hesistate to use the Luxury Fraud strategy. (This map is harder than EU 2.58 map!!!)

    02 (1).jpg
    L 2nd turn, after the application of triggers.

    L 5th turn, after the Onon Tribe conquered Baikal lake.

    < Playable Civ [Original Civ] / Difficulty >
    : If there were same Civs, they will be chosen by order.

    1. Goryeo [Korea] / Normal

    2. Song [China] / Easy

    3. Jin [Blue Huns] / Very Easy

    4. Liao [Grey Huns] / Normal

    5. Minamoto [Red Japan] / Easy

    6. Taira [Blue Japan] / Very Hard

    7. Fujiwara [Purple Japan] / Normal

    8. Kyushu Wako [Black Japan] / Non-Playable

    9. Naiman [Orange-yellow Mongol] / Hard

    10. Jadran [Burgandy-orange Mongol] / Normal

    11. Kyrgyz [Yellow-purple Mongol] / Normal

    12. Onon [Burgandy-white Mongol] / OP

    13. Kereit [Yellow-burgandy Mongol] / Hard

    14. Buryat [Yellow-Brown Mongol] / Non-Playable

    15. Merkit [Grey-yellow Mongol] / Non-Playable

    16. Tatar [Gey-Brown Mongol] / Non-Playable

    17. Ainu [Inca] / Hard

    18. Ryukyu [Polinesia] / Hard

    19. Xi Xia [Songhai] / Normal

    20. Da Viet [Siam] / Easy

    21. Dali [India] / Normal

    22. Uyghurs [Arabia] / Normal