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(GnK)Medieval East Asia Universalis [Extreme] v 1.97

MEA, Universalis, Ea

  1. (GnK) Medieval East Asia Universalis [Extreme]

    Kike Lee
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    << Update v 1.91 >>

    1. Initial Unit Changed

    - Song Empire
    Song Warrior (Warrior) -> Song Yuejiajun (Spearmen) : HP Recovery 2x

    - Mongol Onon Tribe
    Onon Cavalry decreased : 4 Units -> 3 Units

    - Xi Xia
    Xi Xia Cavalry now strong against cavalry units

    2. City-States Modified

    - Shikoku Removed : Now Shikoku territory merged to Kyoto.

    - Jilu Added : Dali / Huguang / Guangzhou lost some tiles for Jilu.
    Jilu is ally of Song Empire. And Jilu has good relation with Dali / Da Viet

    3. Minor Tile Modification

    - Dali got more luxuries and horse.

    - Da Viet territory decreased but got more food.

    - Onon Tribe / Goryeo lose food.
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