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(GnK)Medieval East Asia Universalis [Extreme] v 1.97

MEA, Universalis, Ea

  1. (GnK) Medieval East Asia Universalis [Extreme]

    Kike Lee
    L 192 turn. my Ainu play screenshot.
    From hokkaido, conquered all japan islands. and ready for expand to Goryeo and Jin Empire.

    <1.95 Update>

    1. Unit Buff
    - Song / Goryeo / Xi Xia / Taira / Dali / Da Viet

    2. Food Nuff
    - Song / Goryeo / Onon / Minamoto / Ryukyu / Ainu

    3. Food Buff
    - Taira / Xi Xia / Da Viet

    4. Territories minor modification

    5. Minor changes for luxuries
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