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Goguryeo Kingdom 1.0

Adds Goguryeo as a Civilization, with Jangsu as its leader.

  1. Socra

    Civilization: Goguryeo

    Unique Ability: Eternal Rejoice
    All cavalry units adjacent to a Great General ignore movement penalties for both hills and rivers (units stacked or in escort formation with a General do not count). Can declare War of Territorial Expansion after researching the Political Philosophy Civic.

    Unique Unit: Gaemamusa
    Classical Era heavy cavalry unit. Stronger than the Horseman, but costs more and has only 3 movement. Does siege damage to enemy walls and gains +4 Combat Strength if you own Iron.

    Leader: Jangsu

    Unique Ability:
    Spies, Lies, and Baduk
    Gain a Spy after researching Theology. Receive a Relic when this player captures a city with 2 or more specialty districts. Relics provide +4 Production and +2 Gold.

    Unique District: Ondol Village
    Standalone unique district. Provides +2 Housing, +1 Amenity for the first built in a city, and +1 Production for each adjacent City Center, Holy Site, Commercial Hub, and Encampment district.

    Agenda: Taewang
    Respects civilizations with a strong economy and powerful military. Dislikes those that neglect military.

    Goguryeo wants to quickly develop a miltary foundation, setting up an early assault on it's neighbors. The construction of Ondols aids the growth of their army and cities, providing Housing, Amenity, and Production. An early spy allows Jangsu to cause instability and turmoil, weakening prospective cities before a swift assault. By conquering key cities with multiple districts, they acquire Relics which provide bonus Production and Gold, while also yielding Gold through combat victories. Through war and industry, Goguryeo hopes to establish a large empire, pushing towards a late-game Domination victory.

    Mod Support:
    Gedemon's YNAMP

    In-Game Assets: lola (District model)
    Reference Code: Merrick, Leugi
    Tutorial Template: Keniisu

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