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GoldenAge - Brave New World version 164

Overhauls, Tweaks, New features, Very interesting

  1. pauljinyong

    GoldenAge v164

    Steam workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2209309479


    In the original game, city with large population is meaningless. Crazy expansion of new cities (Wide play) with about only 10 citizens is believed as the best strategy to win deity difficulty. The most important goal of this mod is to let you pay your attention back to the development of city population by encouraging Tall play. Now you will find that ‘population is everything’.

    GoldenAge also emphasizes the fun of urban planning. You will get super huge bonus when you put the same type of things together. For example, same districts from different cities (make a triangle or rhombus) will give you huge district adjacency bonus. You will also receive huge production bonus when you put mines or lumber mills together. I am pretty sure that you are going to love the new urban planning system.

    The last aim of GoldenAge is to make the game more balanced and more interesting. This is accomplished by breaking the traditional way of gameplay and highlighting the characteristics of each civilization. All civilizations and leaders have been reworked and rebalanced.

    Overall, the game has been overhauled and you will have a whole new experience when you play with this mod. Let’s build a great empire with GoldenAge~!!




    a) Population bonus: Like science and culture, citizens can now yield production. Science, culture and production from per citizen will increase with city population. Science and culture from per citizen will also increase with your buildings in the Campus and Theater. Production from per citizen will increase with game era.

    b) City punishment: cities with low populations will receive a yield punishment in science, culture, gold, and faith. This punishment is increased with the total number of cities you own.

    c) Historic era: Civilizations now have their own golden age and dark age according to their true history. This is amazing because you can choose to stay longer in your specific golden age by planning your tech and civic development!

    d) Regional and Cultural traits: These new traits give all civilizations the ability of culture bomb! I am sure that you will experience a more intense territorial dispute. Welcome to the culture bomb world!

    e) Difficulty: AIs become more powerful by cheating on their citizen yields. Thus, Ai is more flexible in the late game, you will no longer feel bored because you exceed AI on tech by far. AI will start with only one city in all levels of difficulty, but they prefer expanding their civilizations than before. It is easier to survive in the Ancient Era and you will have a chance to experience the more challenging AI.

    f) Appeal: The appeal system has been overhauled. Now appeal is so important as it affects district housing and amenity. You will have to consider more on city planning and environmental conservation.

    Even more… See the Discussions Panel for more details.

    I have added a lot of instructions into the Civilopedia. Please read through the GoldenAge Tag before your first game. Still working on it!

    l Civilizations and Leaders

    l Happiness



    Now fully compatible with the latest game version!! (

    RISE & FALL and GATHERING STORM Expansions are required!

    Compatible with mods that add new content to the game (new buildings, civilizations, leaders, and units etc.) However, some new content mods may also modify gameplay data, thus may be potentially incompatible with GoldenAge.

    Highly incompatible with mods that modify gameplay data. If you are suffering from mod error, please try to disable other gameplay mods.



    GoldenAge has been developed for one years with more than 160 versions. I am trying to consider all possible factors to make the game more interesting. I believe a great and delicate balance comes from multiple gameplay changes. That’s why I am kind of putting everything together.

    GoldenAge is a comprehensive gameplay rebalance mod. Thus, this mod inevitably contains some overlapped contents with other mods in the workshop community which modify gameplay data. Indeed, some of my ideas are come from the community. Special thanks for p0kiehl, Deliverator23, SeelingCat, JNR, Sukritact, and _Zee, authors with fantastic ideas.


    Mods Support

    If you trust my taste, subscribe all in this collection: Play with GoldenAge


    The following mods support the final aim of GoldenAge (some of them have been modified), I would highly recommend you play with these mods:

    Subscribe Warfare Expanded Complete Edition or Warfare Expanded: Reloaded for more units.

    Subscribe CIVITAS City-States Expanded for more city states.

    Subscribe World Wonders for more wonders.

    Subscribe Magnum Opus - Great Person Adjustments for more great persons.

    Subscribe Renewable Energies Complexity for improved renewable energy.

    Subscribe National Projects: Satellites for more satellites.

    Subscribe Terra Mirabilis for more natural wonders.

    Subscribe Move your population for immigration.

    Subscribe City Roads for building improvements create road.

    Subscribe Removable Districts for removable districts.


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