Goldsmith, Jeweler, and New Luxuries 4.2.3

Goldsmith, Jeweler, and New Luxuries

  1. Luxury generators tweaked

    Quick-buying the luxury-generator buildings is no longer allowed. However, the limit for each type is now 3 per player.
  2. Missing icons re-added

    Version 4,2.0 accidentally left out two sizes of icon atlas; this update puts them back in.
  3. XML bugfix

    Corrected mistakes in the XML code which made in-game text display incorrectly.
  4. Goldsmith, Jeweler, and New Luxuries (v 420)

    Added new luxury-generating buildings: the Metal Refiner, the Cultured Pearl Bed, and the Synthetic Gem Lab. All three are expensive to produce and maintain; but for players who don't have enough "on-the-map" resources, they should help make my Court Jeweler wonder easier to earn!