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Grand Colossal Persia V3 - Firm BETA

Adds a massively OP Persian Civ to the game

  1. sman1975
    Grand Colossal Persia is an extremely overpowered custom Civ, built at the request of @ Adam Jensen 007. Its primary usage is to play against other overpowered Deity AIs, such as the Halloween, Reaper, and Master PC Race Civilizations. Normally, you wouldn't play this against "normal" AI Civs. Well, unless you really like rolling over them, and who doesn't….?

    Civ: Grand Colossal Persia

    Leader: Grand Darius I, King of the World

    UA: Achaemenid Splendour
    - Golden Ages last 500% longer
    - During a Golden Age, units receive +10 Movement and a +100% Combat Strength bonus
    - All ranged (Archers and Siege) units receive +1 range

    New Buildings:

    UB1: Scientific Paradise (Satrap's Court) - Replaces Bank. Adds +20 Gold, Happiness, Culture, and Science.

    UB2: Royal Garden - Replaces Garden. Does not require River. +50% Great People generation.

    UB3: Naqsh-e Rostam – Replaces Monument. Adds +10 to Food and Production yields per tile, +20 to Gold and Happiness, and +50 to Science, Faith, and Culture. Replaces Monument.

    New Units:

    UU1: War Chariot – early, fast melee unit, available at the Wheel. Does NOT require Horses.

    UU2: Elite Immortal (replaces Spearman) Has 25 Combat Strength (up from Immortal base 12, generic Spearman 11). Specializes in defeating Mounted Units. Heals when defeating an enemy, heals twice as quickly as normal units, heals even if it performs other actions that turn, and receives +25% bonus when attacking wounded units.

    UU3: Toopchi (Great Bombard). Renaissance era Siege Unit. Has one additional range over the Cannon and is much stronger than the Cannon unit it replaces. Available at Gunpowder.

    UU4: Monster Laser Artillery (replaces Rocket Artillery) It has a greater range than Rocket Artillery, allowing it to attack enemies four hexes away, and does not suffer a sight penalty.

    UU5: Clibanarii Modern Armor (replaces Modern Armor) A stronger, faster Modern Armor unit, which receives the powerful `Chiwad Puhl` Promotion.

    UB6: Monster Railgun Artillery. Upgrade from the Monster Laser Artillery. Requires Uranium.

    UU7: Apocalypse Robot (replaces Giant Death Robot) A massively powered unit, with both a melee and ranged attack. Receives the powerful `Chiwad Puhl` Promotion. Carries up to 2 missiles. Requires Aluminum, not Uranium like the GDR.

    In addition to these unique units, several units have been "reskinned" to give them a more Persian look and feel. This change includes these units: Archer, Composite Bowman, Horseman, Swordsman, Pikeman, Knight, Longbowman, Longswordsman, Rifleman, and Great War Infantry.

    Steam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1856831081

    Direct Download: https://forums.civfanatics.com/resources/grand-colossal-persia.27736/


    For more information about Overpowered Civs and AI Deathmatch, check out this link:


    Please Note: The mod is in BETA. It is relatively stable, but I expect some changes in the near future as we attempt to "balance" it (as if a deliberately OP Civ can be balanced…).

    Please leave any comments, suggestions, etc. here:

    Also, once this more is in a "stable" state, we plan on building a "normal" version of this Civ. If you have any suggestions for that, please let us know!


    Acknowledgements: As mentioned before, this mod was built at the request of Steam user @ Adam Jensen 007. It reuses artwork liberally, from such great modders as Danrell, Snafusmith, bernie14, Chrisy15, Hierarchy Artanis, Janboruta, Leugi, thecrazyscotsman, and probably others. If I've left anyone out, I apologize – send me a quick note and I'll update these acknowledgements immediately. Thanks!