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Grand Colossal Persia V3 - Firm BETA

Adds a massively OP Persian Civ to the game

  1. Grand Colossal Persia

    - Added the Monster RailGun Artillery unit: Stats 70 Combat Strength 120 Ranged Strength, available at Particle Physics

    - Added the Naqsh-e Rostam building, a massively OP Monument replacement

    - Added the National Promotion for all Land Units, "Atashi Vahram"

    - Fixed Toopchi building issue, upgrade problems

    - Adjusted Monster Laser Artillery stats: now has 80 Combat strength 100 Ranged strength

    - Fix Pikeman Goody Hut upgrade

    - Fixed various other typo, etc. errors
  2. Grand Colossal Persia - Initial "Final Beta" Version

    This is the version published on Steam. It's fairly stable, but still needs more testing.
  3. Grand Colossal Persia

    Updated version of the mod - BETA