Grandes Exploradores are NAU! 1.1

Portugal is NAU! Module 6. Aka Great Explorers that replaces Great Admirals for Portugal.

  1. raen
    GRANDES EXPLORADORES (AKA Great Explorers) are here!

    Great Explorers instead of Great Admirals for Portugal:
    - Portugal Cannot Recruit Great Admirals and others cant recruit Great Explorers.

    Great Explorers are Land Units (and not ships like Great Admirals), in History, they were great soldiers that were in need f Portugal to go overseas "transformed" into Great Explorers. They have no Disembark cost.

    AND a special gift, Great Explorers Build Feitoria, choose well to use their special ability or to build Feitoria.

    Also a new project of Harbor, "Discover of new World" ;)

    Take a look into some special abilities of Great Explorers, D. Fuas Roupinho creates a Galé Corsária, Infante D. Henrique Caravela Latina, and Much More!

    ENJOY :)

    Depends on these mods:
    Real Great People (UI) from InFixo
    DLC Portugal PACK


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