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[GRAPHICS] Col Blue Marble v1.50 2016-10-05

[GRAPHICS] Col Blue Marble v1.50

  1. ColdFever
    This program allows the installation of a new graphic design for Sid Meier's CivIV Colonization™, based on images of the NASA project Blue Marble, supplemented with a graphically modernized and harmonized user interface. Individual components are selectable in the setup program.

    This program is compatible only with the PC CD/DVD-versions of the program.


    forum thread:

    Note: A version of Blue Marble for Civilization IV™ is available here:

    terrain screenshot:

    user interface screenshot:

    The Blue Marble Project

    NASA's Blue Marble project presents freely available photorealistic maps of our planet Earth. Since the seventies earth observation satellites have recorded data of our atmosphere, the oceans and the land surface to improve our understanding of the Earth as a system. These datasets are usually not publicly accessible and they are only available as scientific file types. Therefore the Blue Marble project produces high resolution maps in false-color and true-color formats from the scientific satellite data. This allows the user to become a discoverer and to investigate our planet from space. With these products we would like to stimulate the public interest for matters of the environment and also express the importance of unmanned satellite missions carried out by the NASA and other space organizations.

    The Blue Marble "Next generation" is the latest product of the series, showing a cloudless Earth in 12 monthly variations: the beginning of spring, dry spells, snow cover changes, vegetation coloring and rainy seasons all are dynamic processes in our climate system. The monthly satellite maps are available under bluemarble.nasa.gov.

    The Civilization IV users now can discover their Worlds with a special Blue Marble texture set modelled from this material. Have a lot of fun with it!

    The NASA Blue Marble Team
    NASA Earth Observatory (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)​

    Blue Marble Design for Civilization IV
    by Kai Fiebach (kai@civilized.de)
    with help from Firaxis Games

    Civilization IV Graphics

    Satellite Graphics

    Image Processing

    Programming Language

    Perl for Win32

    Perl GUI Toolkit

    Special Thanks
    Mike Bates
    Barry Caudill
    Matthias Fischer
    Soren Johnson
    Dmitry Karasik
    Sakis Milonas
    Steve Ogden
    Jon Shafer
    Jesse Smith
    Reto Stöckli
    Mustafa Thamer
    Andreas Traxler


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