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Graphics Modpack for 2194 Days of War (ToT) 2016-10-05

Graphics Modpack for 2194 Days of War (ToT)

  1. Catfish
    This pack replaces the units, terrain, cities, people and icon graphics for the Test of Time version of Captain Nemo's 2194 Days of War scenario.

    It takes advantage of ToT's additional unit slots to allow a greater range of graphic icons. As a result, it will break compatibility with saved games generated by the unmodified version.

    The converted version of the scenario for Test of Time can be found here.

    Updated 20-Sep-2014:

    ToTPP v0.9 version. Includes 8-frame combat animation from Icons.bmp and Terrain2.bmp jungle overlay.​


    1. tot_2194days_scene6_e1v.jpg
    2. tot_2194days_scene7_iYb.jpg