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[GRAPHICS] Revised Dutch Leaderheads - v1.3 2016-10-05

v1.1: Changed appearance of the Dutch King and Stuyvesant.
v1.2: Changed beard of the Dutch King.
v1.3: Added custom backgrounds for Dutch King, Stuyvesant and Van der Donck.

I decided to revise the graphics for the Dutch King, Peter Stuyvesant and Adriaen van der Donck. The Dutch King looks like a regular human being instead of a really wealthy crack addict, whereas Peter Stuyvesant looks a lot more like the only portrait that we have of him. I haven't changed anything for Adriaen van der Donck, since we're not really sure what he looked like, but he did get a background makeover, similar to the other two Dutch leaders..

I hope you'll enjoy this little modification!


I've also included a readme file in the .zip file, but here goes:

Copy the contents of this file to My Documents\My Games\Colonization\CustomAssets\art\leaderheads (create the folder structure if it doesn't exist yet) and voilá; you can now enjoy the revised versions of the leaderheads for the Dutch King and Peter Stuyvesant. If you decide you don't like them after all, you can simply remove those files; they don't overwrite the original ones. Furthermore, if you decide you do like the leaderheads, but don't like the backgrounds, you can always delete the files labelled as [Subject Name] That will revert the backgrounds to the originals..

Lastly, if you intend to use this in one of your own mods, please give credit..

Credit for the creation of this mod also goes to ColdFever and his changes to the Colonization Leaderheads for Blue Marble. I used his versions of the Dutch King and Stuyvesant as a template to work on..

You can find the discussion / suggestion thread right here:

EDIT: I've changed the contents of the file and the preview in the image to reflect the fact that I've altered the look of the king once again; he now has a different beard, making him look even less like the original model and Willem van Oranje from Civilization IV, who he was based on..

EDIT 2: I've once again changed the contents of the file, so that now all the leaders have new and unique backgrounds as well. No more damp medieval castle for the Dutch King and for Stuyvesant and Van der Donck backgrounds that make it appear as though we can see the hustle and bustle of New Amsterdam in the background.. More details on the backgrounds can be found in the discussion thread..
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