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[GRAPHICS] Union Jack 2016-10-05

Union Jack Mod
for Civ4:Colonization

This little mod replaces the English St. George's Cross flag with the British Union Jack (1606 version). It's not strictly historical for the start date of the game, but presumably is the flag under which first English colonists settled at Jamestown. And it adds a bit of color to the otherwise pale English color scheme.

NOTE: The mod replaces only the flag for the English colonies, not the in-game button for the English player. The mod also does not change the flag for the English crown, so the REF uses the stock flag. (I may get around some day to changing the button and REF flag too, but no time at the moment.)

INSTALLATION: Extract the Custom Assets folder into the Custom Assets folder in your My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization IV Colonization folder. Say yes to overwrite.

Forum Thread: Here
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