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Great Admiral Aquaculture Improvement 2

Gives the Great Admiral the ability to make improved water resources anywhere!

  1. TheOneHitPupper

    Make use out of your Great Admirals!

    As a way to make Great Admirals more useful throughout the game, I put this together using an old mod based on the same idea as a framework. In addition to the two base-game actions, Great Admirals can now build the Aquaculture improvement on tiles. The purpose of this improvement is to give your empire 2 copies of a random improved water resource (meaning that a Workboat or Offshore Platform will be built for you). The resources you are able to spawn into your territory with this mod are Whales, Fish, Pearls, Oil, Crab, and Coral (if you use the Vox Populi version).

    I got the foundation of the coding and the idea from the original modder Kevin Kidder, who posted a similar mod here.

    Download Vox Populi version
    Download Vanilla version

    File size: 3 KB
    1. Download (VP) Great Admiral Aquaculture (v2).7z or (Vanilla) Great Admiral Aquaculture (v2).7z from the links above.
    2. Extract the archive using Winrar or 7zip into C:\Users\[YOUR PC USER NAME]\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS. This is the standard procedure for installing mods for Civ5.
    3. Launch your game and enable it in the mods menu.

    I found Kevin's version of this mod on the Steam workshop but felt as though using a Great Admiral to generate another fish tile was a waste of a Great Person. However, if there were a chance to randomly generate ocean resources for your empire, then I felt that it'd be a worthwhile action for Great Admirals to use.​

    • Kevin Kidder: Creator of Great Admiral Aquaculture (v1) and inspiration for v2.