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Great Britain and Ireland Map 1.0

Great Britain and Ireland Map (Large - 78x72) for YnAMP

  1. brick623

    A custom-made map of Great Britain, Ireland, and surrounding islands, in the style of Gedemon’s YnAMP pack.

    Size – Large (78x72 hex)


    Latest version of Gedemon’s YnAMP – use the GitHub download:


    Spoiler Map :


    · True Start Locations (TSL) for: England London, Scotland Stirling, Rome Bath, Vikings York.

    Spoiler England :

    · TSL for modded civs: JFD’s Wales Cardiff, Sukitract’s Iceland Uig, (represents Kingdom of the Isles), Merrick’s Anglo Saxons; Offa Tamworth, Alfred Winchester.

    Spoiler Wales :

    · Real city naming: Based on the true corresponding city naming used in the YnAMP mod, cities are named based on their geographic location on the map. There are some exonyms, e.g. If England founds a city where York is, it will be called York. The Vikings call it Jorvik, Rome call it Eboracum, etc. Also includes Welsh exonyms for JFD’s Wales.

    Spoiler Rome :

    Spoiler Scotland :

    · Renamed City States: Includes a range of renamed city states, e.g. Lancaster (Preslav - militaristic), St Andrews (Bologna- Science). I am working on a custom City State mod for this map, with unique icons and traits.

    Spoiler Northern England :

    Spoiler Lancaster - in development :

    · Renamed Natural Wonders: Along with Giant’s Causeway and the Cliffs of Dover, there are another 5 Natural Wonders renamed from existing ones, e.g. Matterhorn now is called Schiehallion.

    Spoiler Durdle Door :

    Spoiler Snowdon :

    Spoiler Liathach :

    · Real resource placement: Obviously Coffee and Bananas don’t grow in this part of the world, so some resources are excluded from appearing on the map. Wine will only grow in the far south, Spices (mustard) appears in East Anglia, etc. Iron and Coal are abundant in the industrial areas, Oil appears near Aberdeen, you get the idea!

    You can of course deselect most of these features in the start up menu, if you want a random game.


    1. Download from the link above.

    2. Unzip to “..\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier’s Civilization VI\Mods”

    3. It should create a folder named “brick623_GreatBritainandIrelandMap1.0”

    4. When you load the game, go to “Additional Content” and click “Activate Mod”. Make sure that YnAMP is also activated.


    I have tested this mod with Merrick’s Anglo Saxons, JFD’s Wales, and Sukitract’s Iceland, no issues. Not compatible with Real Strategy mod.

    Thanks to:

    @Gedemon for help with developing the mod and compatibility.

    @Gedemo Advice on city state modding.
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