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Great Britain 2016-10-05

What about instead of replacing england you could split it into Britain with Victoria and Churchill and england with elizabeth and some other english, pre-union, leaders?

I have no idea how to install this! I am dying to play as the the UK of GB and NI rather than England!

Do I have to replace certain files? Or is there an installer? Or What!!!???

And could you plz plz plz make this compatible with BtS aswell?

did you add the gurkhas. and the queens lancashire regiment. or did you just put in the old regiments
A Britsih Empire mod would be do-able, I'd resist doing a Commonwealth one as there are Commonwealth members that were never part of the Empire.

An Industrious Leader would be a great idea, especially as Britain was the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, not sure who though, as the people pushing the Revolution forward were generally business people rather than National Leaders.

Well, I've done nowt with this for months (pretty much since Football Manager 2007 came out...:mischief: ) so I'll look at updating in the near future.
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Well done! It's nice that you have been so concerned about not offending people - I'm sure very few people would get offended by a civ mod.

I'd like to see Elizabeth back in simply because it seems a waste of a great animated leaderhead not to have her.
yayayayaya Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves
Rule Britannia!:goodjob:
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