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Great Diplomat Mod v1.3 (BTS 3.19) 2016-10-05

Great Diplomat Mod v1.3 (BTS 3.19)

  1. stolenrays
    This is a BTS 3.19 update for the Great Diplomat Mod. I've cleaned up and removed the unnecessary python code that were resulting in exceptions and automatically giving the plague mission to Great Doctor's when merging with that mod. I've replaced the python code with C++ code.

    -------New Units-------
    Great Diplomat
    -Embark on a Diplomatic Mission (+4 attitude with an opposing civilization)
    -Attach Himself to a City
    -Discover a Military Related Technology
    -Start a Golden Age
    -Assimilate a Barbarian City
    -Great Diplomat is Invisible
    -Force Peace with a Civilization
    -Upgrade Improvements
    -Bribe Any Barbarian Stack to go home

    Envoy/Modern Envoy
    -2 Movement
    -50 Hammers, available at Optics
    -National Unit (2 Allowed)
    -Can Investigate Cities
    -Can Bribe Government Officials (Vanilla ‘Steal Plans’ mission aesthetically altered)
    -Requires open borders and are not invisible.

    -Lawyer: +2 Commerce, +1 Espionage, +3 GP Great Statesman Points
    -Great Diplomat: +4 Commerce, +3 Espionage

    ----Gameplay Changes-----
    -United Nations: Diplomat points instead of Merchant
    -Versailles: Diplomat points instead of Artist
    -Itza: Diplomat points instead of Prophet
    -Courthouse: Allows 1 Lawyer Specialists (in addition to the current Spy)
    -Jail: Allows 2 Lawyer Specialists ( replacing the current Spies – I always felt 7 total spies weren’t needed considering Democracy is right next to Constitution)
    -Castle: Allows 1 Lawyer Specialist
    -Customs House: Allows 1 Lawyer Specialist
    -Democracy: First to discover receives a free Great Diplomat

    -Great Diplomat 3.13: Tsentom 1
    -Great Diplomat Model: Not sure, from ‘The Road to War’ mod
    -Envoy Model: Not sure, from ‘Crossroads of the World’ mod
    -Modern Envoy Model: Mozza
    -Diplomat Icons & Names: TheLopez
    -Specialist Stacker: TheLopez
    -Total War: jojoweb for the assimilate barbarian city, upgrade improvements, and force peace missions.

    Additions are commented with Great Diplomat

    -----Version History-----
    Spoiler :

    Version 1.4
    -Button for Bribe Barbarian Unit Mission

    Version 1.3
    -Bribe A Barbairan Unit to Leave Mission (Can even Bribe a stack simulating the Pope's mission vs. the Huns
    -Small text/Pedia fixes

    Version 1.2
    -Assimilate Barbarian Cities from Total War
    -Great Diplomat is Invisible
    -Force Peace mission from Total War

    Version 1.1
    -Add in Diplomat/Envoy Help text
    -New Diplomat/Envoy Buttons
    -Revert Steal Plans button
    -Moving Missions to the DLL
    -Removed unneeded art
    -fix unneeded art
    -Removed GLobaldefines, Python Callback.xml, GlobalTypes.xml, MIssionINfos.xml files
    -Exec limits reinstated
    -Removed unneeded entries from EffectsInfos.xml
    -Fixed text/entries for SpecialistInfos, UnitInfos, Text.xml
    -Social Reform from Total War
    -Bulleted auto info for steal plans and investigate city
    -Bullet unit info for new missions (Goodwill/Social Reform).
    -Removed unneeded python



    1. civ4screenshot_Tf1.jpg
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