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Great General Names - Attack on Titan 2016-10-05

Great General Names - Attack on Titan

  1. RawSasquatch
    This mod adds 4 new names for Great Generals, based upon a handful of characters from the Attack on Titan / Shingeki No Kyojin series. More specifically:

    Commander Dot Pixis (just "Pixis" in-game)

    Erwin Smith

    Hange Zoë

    Armin Arlert

    Pretty simple, I would say. No special art or abilities or easter eggs or anything, just 4 new names for Great Generals that may randomly be chosen when one spawns. This mod could go hand-in-hand with The Walls Civ, but neither is required to use the other, nor am I affiliated with the creator of said mod.


    Q: Why isn't Eren/Mikasa/Levi/my favorite character included?
    A: Those characters may be great soldiers, not great generals. I went solely with characters who are high-ranked Commanders, as well as Armin. That kid's gonna make a Great General some day (haw haw). Additionally, I'm watching the English dub on Toonami, not the Japanese version, nor am I reading the manga, both of which are further ahead on the story. If there are notable commanders introduced later on, I don't know of them, so please do not spoil me.

    Q: How do I get these Generals in-game?
    A: I'd explain how GGs are earned through combat, but that's a base concept that explaining would make me look like a smartass. Step 1: Make sure that the mod is enabled in-game and that you are playing a modded game with it. Step 2: Aquire Great General. Step 3: Completely random luck. These names are competing with dozens of others to be randomly selected, and nothing I know of would specifically force one to be chosen over another.


    1. aotgenerals_300.jpg
    2. 2014_08_22_00002_P37.jpg