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Great General Progress Bar v 1.3 (BTS 3.19) 2016-10-05

Great General Progress Bar v1.3 (BTS 3.19)​

This is a very simple mod that adds a Great General Progress Bar underneath the Research bar. It keeps a running tab of the XP accuumulated by units in comparison to XP needed for the next Great General. There is also a mouseover for the bar. Oh and don't worry, it appears after the first turn.

There are only two files in the mod: and the .xml text file. They are easily mergable.

----Notes to Modmakers-----
Changes are commented as PIE Great General

------Version History--------
Version 1.3
-Add a Checkbox
-Hover Text
-Fix for initial Turn

Version 1.2
-Fixed for High Resolutions
Previous Versions
Spoiler :
Version 1.1
-Standalone Port
Version 1.0
-PIE's original integrated version

It was developed by the BUG team, ported by Pie_at for Pie's Ancient Europe so that BugUtils/EventManager are no longer needed. I simply changed the location of the bar, its demensions, and icons. Great thanks to Pie_at for porting this.:goodjob:

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