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Great Merchant with a Horse 1.1

Mongol horse settler modified with Great Merchant animations and FX effects.

  1. PPQ_Purple
    Have you ever wondered why the vanilla great merchant comes with a camel?
    Have you ever wished he came with a horse?
    Have you ever tried transplanting a horse only to realize it is literally impossible because the bones are set up wrong?

    Well I have. And after searching the forum and finding no proper solution I decided to take matters into my own hands. The result is this unit.

    Visually it's just the same mongol settler from the base game. So I'll give no pictures. What's different is that I've tweaked the KFM and nif to add all the proper great merchant related animations (throwing gold, yellow light etc.)

    So now if you want to take various custom meshes and transplant them on a great merchant with a horse instead of a camel you can. That's what I'll be doing for my own work as well.

    Download, rate, subscribe ;)

Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.1 Added credits file to the zip.