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Great Napoleonic Battles V4.1 2016-10-05

Great Napoleonic Battles V4.1

  1. MacGalleo
    GNB4 is designed to make you think ahead on how to master the immediate problems
    comming your way. Be ahead of rivals and involve other powers into your strategy.
    The "Napoleonic Wars" took 17 (some say 20) years during which alliances were
    plenty and ever-changing (so don't go head-first into the "hot" phase of the war).
    You do not have to stick to the outset of the game start -in fact I am advising you
    to follow your instincts to achieve your goals and interact with other players as
    much as possible. i.e. Prussia was allied to Sweden, later to Austria, then to
    France, even to both at the same time, after which it switched to Russia, then back
    to France, and finally it allied with Britain against Napoleon.
    Territory, cities, gold and power are all goods that can well be bartered for.
    Otherwise you will notice that your troops fall faster than they can be re-built.
    Go for what the nation of your choice needs- not what you would like it to need-
    Create a large land- and (if desired) sea force; modernise your economy to be in a
    well defended position; keep potential predators at bay; alternatively make your own
    weight be felt in other lands; if feasible or necessary seek alliances with AI or
    Human players. In this novel version of the game you now have the choice to follow
    the call of revolution, by establishing governments that improve your monetary and
    social standards- new technologies will guide your way. Or will you rather try to
    extinguish the flame of "French Democracy" by choosing militaristic governments and
    technologies favouring a sizeable army and swift growth of your industry? You can
    use the Neutral States as a buffer between major powers, swallow them up, trade
    them to other players in exchange for whatever you wish to barter for- if you are
    really brave you can even try to play a multi-player game as the Neutrals- be
    adviced: They may be large and powerful, yet do not stand a chance against those
    that consider you prey (namely all European powers do!). Enjoy the Multiplayer experience :)


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