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Great Person Info Panel 2016-10-05

Great Person Info Panel

  1. Valkrionn
    Basically, this is my answer to the GP bar added in the BUG mod for Civ4. It is far more useful, however, as it is capable of displaying data for each and every city, in one convenient display.

    I've added a new panel type to the UI, selectable alongside the Tech/Unit/City panels. On this panel, each GP type receives it's own (minimize-able) section, listing any cities with progress towards that GP. These sections can be sorted by City Name, or Remaining Turns, and display a progress bar overlaid with the amount of points you receive each turn, and the remaining turns. Mouseover displays the progress in numerical form.

    Left-clicking on a city instance (anywhere for that instance, including the bar!) will open that city screen. Right-clicking will jump to the city on the map.

    I have also included ArgentumStudio's Resource Info Panel, as the two mods would normally conflict and I don't like to play without it. ;)

    Special thanks to ArgentumStudio's and BlakeTheGreat.


    1. gppanel_R6U.png
    2. minimized_9QI.png
    3. mouseover_XkW.png