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Great Pilots V1.0

** I'm still testing all the modifiers, so if you find any bugs please let me know **

** Custom FontIcons have been removed from this version **

Adds a new type of Great Person to the game, as well as new policies, a new project and a new building.

I spent hours trying to get the Great Pilot unit to actually be an aircraft, and work like one. Unfortunately I've yet to get this working - the Great People screen and the AI just didn't like it. It seems that there may be something coded into the DLL that controls what domain the Great Person unit can be in - still trying to solve it though.

Additional changes and additions include the following, check out the Civilopedia for more details on everything.

New Unit
Great Pilot - available once you have the Flight technology. Currently:
  • Modern Era - 7 Great Pilots
  • Atomic Era - 12 Great Pilots
  • Information Era - 8 Great Pilots
Passive Effect
+5 Combat Strength and +1 Range.

New Buildings - Air Force Academy
A new buliding that can be built in an aerodrome once you have the Cold War civic. Requires an airport. +25% XP. +2 Production and +2 Great Pilot Points

New Policies
  • Royal Flying Corps - Available with Flight civic. +2 Great Pilot points
  • Independent Air Force - Availabel with Cold War civic. +4 Great Pilot poins
New Project
  • Air Combat Training. Available with an Aerodrome district. Gives Gold and Great Pilot points on completion.
Base Game Changes
  • Aerodrome - +3 Great Pilot Points
  • Hangar - +2 Great Pilot Point
  • Airport - +2 Great Pilot Point. XP reduced to +25%.
  • Flight - enables the Great Pilot functionality.
  • Observation Balloon - now available with Military Science
I've made a change to the LUA for the Great People pop-up/screen (GreatPeoplePopup.lua), to disable recruitment of Great Pilots until you have Flight. Any mod that also changes this screen will conflict, resulting in the recruitment of Great Pilots being possible from Turn 1, or maybe even not at all.

I haven't tested this with CQUI, but I'm guessing it might cause problems.

I've intentionally removed any custom FontIcons from this mod, as there is currently no clean way to update these via a mod. In the meantime, I'm using the Great General font icon.

I haven't done any custom unit/building graphics as this is way beyond my skill-set, instead I've re-used or adapted existing graphics. All buildings are non-visual at the moment.

If you find any others, let me know!

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