Great Spy (Brave New World) v. 17

Adds the Great Spy to the base game. Requires the Brave New World expansion.

  1. Tomatekh
    Inspired by the unit in Civ IV and the more personal mission based espionage systems of Civs IV, Rev, BE & VI, this mod adds the Great Spy as a new great person type to the Brave New World base game. The unit is designed to function independent of (but also complement) the existing espionage system. The mod also adds additional wonders, buildings, and beliefs and updates several existing buildings and policies to accommodate the new unit.

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    - Great Spy: The Great Spy excels at exploring foreign territory and sabotaging rival civilizations. Its primary ability is to conduct Espionage Missions; thirteen unique actions that enable you to cause anarchy, destroy resources, lower city population, and even steal great works. As a secondary ability, the Great Spy receives passive bonuses to movement, sight, and the ability to enter rival territory. Additionally, as long as the Great Spy is on a tile owned by another civilization, you will be able to see that civilization's current culture level and research project.

    - Intelligence: Intelligence is a new pseudo-yield primarily used to generate Great Spies and fund their more powerful Espionage Missions. In the early game, reaching certain Intelligence levels will also reveal strategic resource plots before researching their prerequisite technologies (i.e. reveal a source of Iron before researching Bronze Working). Late game, excess Intelligence can be exchanged to increase your score. Intelligence is generated through wonders, buildings (the defensive line – walls, castles, etc. – and the new Tavern building), and certain beliefs and social policies. Additionally, once you construct either the constabulary or police station in a city, you can generate Intelligence from unemployed citizens.

    - New Buildings and Wonders: The Tavern is added as a new medieval building to compliment the new mechanics. The Motherland Calls is added as a new wonder identical to and replacing the current BNW Kremlin, while the Kremlin receives a new effect to boost Great Spy effectiveness and Intelligence generation. Several existing buildings and wonders have been updated to also generate Intelligence.

    - New Beliefs and Policies: The mod adds two new beliefs: Mystery Cults, which enables unemployed citizens to generate faith; and Negative Theology, which converts a percentage of your faith output to Intelligence. The Military Castes and Mercenary Army policies will now also generate Intelligence.

    Additional Credits:

    - Janboruta for his Tavern icon
    - Sukritact for his Motherland Calls icon
    - Danrell for his Ninja unit model


    - The modern unit model is currently missing. It will be added in an update.
    - The new tooltip is not 100% dynamic. However, it will always update when starting a turn or exiting a city screen, so do either if you need it to display updated information.
    - This is very much a first release of the mod. While I believe the mechanics are solid and all there, the balance of the mod likely needs to be adjusted. Please leave any balance suggestions you might have in the comments or in my thread at Civfanatics.


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