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Great Theologians V1.0


** Custom FontIcons have been removed from this version **

Adds a new type of Great Person to the game, as well as new buildings and changes to existing buildings.

Additional changes and additions include the following, check out the Civilopedia for more details on everything.

New Unit
Great Theologian - available once you have the Theology civic.

Passive Effect
Passive Effect -> +1 Faith to the tile they are currently in (they have to be standing in the tile for a full turn for it to take effect). Note that like all tile yields, the tile needs to be worked by the city in order for it to be useful.

New Buildings - Seminary
A new buliding that can be built in a holy-site once you have the Theology civic. Requires a Cathedral (or similar, e.g. Mosque, etc.). 2 Great Work slots. +2 Faith and +2 Great Theologian Points

New Buildings - Boarding House
A new buliding that can only be built by a Great Theologian. +2 Housing

New Buildings - Seafarers Mission
A new buliding that can only be built by a Great Theologian. +2 Housing

New Policy
Monastic Contemplation - Available with Theology. +2 Great Theologian points

New Project
Holy Scriptures - Available with Theology, and gives Faith and Great Theologian points on completion.

Base Game Changes
  • Temple - +1 Great Theologian Point
  • Stave Church - +1 Great Theologian Point
  • Monasteries - Adjaceny bonuses from Natural Wonders and Mountains.
  • Theology - enables the Great Theologian functionality. +1 Great Theologian Point to Holy Sites
I've made a change to the LUA for the Great People pop-up/screen (GreatPeoplePopup.lua), to disable recruitment of Great Theologians until you have Theology. Any mod that also changes this screen (except my 'Great Pilots' mod) will conflict, resulting in the recruitment of Great Theologians being possible from Turn 1, or maybe even not at all.

I haven't tested this with CQUI, but I'm guessing it might cause problems.

I've intentionally removed any custom FontIcons from this mod, as there is currently no clean way to update these via a mod. In the meantime, I'm using the Great Prophet font icon.

I haven't done any custom unit/building graphics as this is way beyond my skill-set, instead I've re-used or adapted existing graphics. All buildings are non-visual at the moment.

If you find any others, let me know!

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