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GreatPersonMod with RenamerMod v1.0 2016-10-05


Name: GreatPersonModwithRenamerMod
Version: 1.0
Requirement: Civ4 v1.61
Release Date: 5-21-06
Author: Patricius and TheLopez
Forum Thread::

Short Description:
Whenever a great person, such as a great artist or prophet is born in any of YOUR cities, a window will popup, showing you a picture and a quote from the great person.Also, when all unique names are used a up, a civ-specific random name will be used with a generic picture.
Snoopy, for starting this mod
RobO for helping smooth out code of CustomEventManger
TheLopez for renamer mod
Scottcstoness for his work on fixing pinkscreen problem
Much thanks to Tableist and Alerum68 for helping find quotes

Make sure you read the installation instructions carefully.

GreatGeneral Graphics: Also, if you use the Great General Amped mod and this mod: Rabbit, White has created a little add-on to give graphics for the Great Generals. The link is Here

After many wrong turns and dead ends, the first release of GreatPersonMod with RenamerMod is complete. Although very similar to TheGreatPersonMod, which contain around 170 pics and quotes of the most famous people throughout histroy, this mod adds many new features which really complete the mod.

Among these are TheLopez's Renamer mod, which when used with Generic Pics, eleminates those pink screens at the end of the game that appear once all the Unique names are used up.

This mod also is now much more compatible with other mods. The Custom Event Manager is used, and all changes have been noted, for better merging.
Also, if you want to add extra great people's names in the XML, it is much easier to use this mod with it. If you also provide a picture, it will load the provided picture, otherwise, it will just load the generic picture. You only have to add new XML names, you don't have to do anything with the artwork unless you want to, and if you do, they just have to stick the right image in the GreatPeople directory.

It is also easier If you want to add new great people types. Assuming you do it properly, so you have type UNIT_GENERAL, for example, then if you give them names and add pictures, it should find them, if there are no pictures, it will use the "Great" file, assuming you provide that, and if you don't, it will use the "Great" file.

All in all, this release is finally worthy to be called complete, and, I hope that you will enjoy the historical immersion that this adds to the game. So Please comment on what you think, and what you think could improve this even more.

Install Instructions:
Unzip the contents into Program Files\Firaxis Games\Civilization IV\MODS
Run GreatPersonArtPath .bat file by clicking on it.(Very Important to do)This file is located inside the folder, where the .ini file is.
It is important that you run this .bat file once, or the mod will not work. It is the only way i could get the mod to accept different pics once the unique names run out.

Running the Mod
1. Start Civilization IV
2. From the menu, go to advanced, then click on Load a Mod
3. Load GreatPersonModwithRenamerMod
4. Civilization IV will restart
5. Start a game as usual

Note that everytime you want to play your game, Civilization IV will have to restart and load the mod.

The file size of this Mod is roughly 43mb. (17mb compressed)
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