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Greek World for BtS 1.1

The Greek World scenario (written by Rhye) ported to Beyond the Sword 3.19.

  1. Krugi
    This is a faithful port of the Greek World scenario, written by Rhye, that came with the original Civ4. The most intrusive change I have made was to grant Babylon, the Celts and Phoenicia, which were not present in vanilla, access to both of their uniques.

    In addition to Rome, Macedon and Achaemenid Persia, you can also play as any of the larger civilizations, i.e. Phoenicia, the Greek Cities, Babylon, Egypt, India, Judea and Parthia. The last of these is special due to not spawning regularly in 600 BC -- they will be given a few units somewhere west of the Caspian sea, if and only if you select them.

    Aside from making the Parthians playable, v1.1 also fixes the Worldbuilder segfault as well as an issue with Parthia, and enables custom assets by default (so you can run this with e.g. Blue Marble installed).

    With the most current version of the scenario, the MD5 hash of the zip archive should come out as

    Unresolved Issues:
    • Civilizations may acquire or build settlers in spite of UNITCLASS_SETTLER being set to NONE for them.