GreyTiger's Carthage (R&F) Version 2

Carthage led by Dido, Hanno I and Hasdrubal I

  1. greyTiger
    Carthage civilization (version 1.01). Leaders Dido, Hanno I and Hasdrubal I. Rise and Fall edition.

    A civilization which is trade focused and is able to attain victory through the power of their economy and their naval and military prowess. Prefers coastal starts and works best on island maps.

    CA: The Hundred and Four
    Harbors cost 30% less production to construct and naval units receive +1 movement. When a trade related policy is unlocked gain +1 trade route.

    UU: Numidian Cavalry
    Unique unit which is unlocked at Early Empire. Ignores terrain costs from hills and causes additional damage when attacking. Must be purchased with Gold.

    UB: Miat
    Unique building that is unlocked at Political Philosophy. Limit of one in the empire. Provides +2 Culture, +2 Science, +2 Gold +2 Influence with city-states.

    Spoiler :

    A leader more focused on the economy and culture than war. Can quickly build large trading empires and can race through the civics tree early thanks to her culture bonus.

    LA: Jewel of Antiquity
    Luxury resources provide +1 Culture and +1 Gold, increasing to +3 when Economics is researched. When a Harbor district is constructed receive a free trader.

    Spoiler :

    Hanno is focused on early scientific progress and naval superiority. The early free naval units allow for Carthage to rule the seas into the mid game.

    LA: The Great Navigator
    Sea resources gain +1 Production and +1 Science, increasing to +2 Science when Scientific Theory is researched. When you research a pre-industrial naval technology, gain a free unit of the type unlocked in the capital. Unlocks the Quinquereme unit when Celestial Navigation is researched.

    LUU: Quinquereme
    Unique unit which is unlocked at Celestial Navigation. Has increased strength and movement, and can move after attacking.

    Spoiler :

    Hasdrubal is all about war. With his discount on the purchase of military land units and his extra military policy slot he is a position to quickly eliminate his enemies once his trade economy is up and running.

    LA: The Supreme Triumph
    Units cost 40% less Gold to purchase and gain 50% extra Gold when pillaging enemy trade routes. Replace on Diplomatic policy slot with a Military slot.

    Spoiler :

    * If you have Toussaint's Carthage installed it would be a good idea to disable it to avoid any possible conflicts.
    * Compatible with the YNAEMP mod and has true starting locations for the three Earth maps and the Europe map.
    * Existing Carthage city-state has been renamed to Syracuse and it's position in the YNAEMP maps has been moved slightly.
    * Currently uses Egypt music tracks until such time that I can create custom music and add it to the game.
    * Supports Historic Moments for unique units and building using existing artwork from the expansion.
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