greyTiger's Mongolia v1.0

Mongolia led by Kublai and Ogedei

  1. greyTiger

    Mongolia civilization with the leaders Kublai Khan and Ogedei Khan.

    CA: Warriors of the Horse
    All cavalry units gain +1 movement and accumulate experience at twice the normal rate. During times of war enemy civilizations suffer an increased 50% war weariness penalty.

    UU: Nokud
    Unique ranged cavalry unit which is unlocked at Stirrups. Has increased range of sight and can move after attacking.

    UD: Ordu Bazz
    Replaces the encampment. +2 Housing. +1 Food and +1 Production per adjacent forest. +1 Gold per adjacent resource.

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    LA: The Wise Khan
    Cities on the same continent as your capital construct Cultural, Economic and Scientific districts 30% faster. Foreign trade routes provide +1 Culture, +2 Gold and +1 Science.

    GA: Guardian of the Silk Road
    30% of Great General points and 30% of Great Merchant points count toward Golden Ages.

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    LA: Legacy of Genghis
    Unit upgrades are 15% cheaper and you gain free cavalry units in the capital when a Great General is earned. Unlocks the Keshik unit when Military Tactics is researched.

    LUU: Keshik
    Unique cavalry unit which is unlocked at Military Tactics. More powerful than the Knight and deals +6 combat damage to wounded units.

    GA: Council of Warriors
    60% of Great General points count toward Golden Ages.

    Spoiler :

    Note: When using my Golden Ages mod the GA abilities for Kublai and Ogedei are enabled.
    Note: This mod is compatible with the YNAMP mod and has true starting locations for both leaders for the three Earth maps.
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