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Griffon v2 2016-10-05

Griffon v2

  1. WarKirby
    This is a reworking of the griffon model found in fall From Heaven.
    It's not modded into anything, except a better griffon. A frustrating day's work of fixing the errors the original artist made

    The original model was clearly a modification of Supa's lioness.

    • Fixed the position of the griffon head so that it's no longer floating.
    • Removed the Lion head that was poking through the griffon's mouth
    • Removed the lion paws under the frontal griffon talons
    • Lowered and reshaped the griffon talons so they actually grip the ground, instead of floating.
    • Fixed alpha errors in the wings
    • Redid the front end of the griffon to be more eagle-like, with proper feathering, and eagle feet

    933 faces
    3 textures
    • Wings 128x128
    • Head/talons 128x128
    • Body 256x256


    1. comparison_ddJ.png