[GS] SQL Helper for Civilization VI 1.1.0

Program used to generate SQL Output used for creating mods.

  1. Zugaikotsu
    Hello all,

    I've been working on a small project that I hope will be able to assist the modding community. The goal was to help bridge the gap of the understanding of SQL to a more open broad range of people who may not have coding experience or prefer a visual representation of it due to the UI interface to handle most of the logic. This tool can be largley used without the need to worry about the complications, syntax, foreign keys, or required items. Because of this, this tool will likely be most useful for Beginners to Intermediate users of SQL, while Advance users will often prefer hand-crafted SQL statements, although it can be used by any experience levels.

    TL;DR: UI Interface to Databases where it will generate the SQL based on items changed.

    Steps to use:
    Download the zip and extract the files. Run the .MSI file to install the program and follow the installing prompts. Run the executable created and select the three Database files the program needs: DebugLocalization.sqlite, DebugConfiguration.sqlite, and DebugGameplay.sqlite by default. Save it to continue to the main screen navigation. Select your Database, and then your table to view the contents. The buttons on the right will allow for adding/deleting rows.
    Once the table looks like what you want, press the Save, and it'll generate the SQL. You can then copy/paste or save the file to disk to be added into your mod.

    Navigate Through References:

    Goals to Expand:
    • Ease the relationship mapping with backtracking references on the UI front, to make relationships easier to track/navigate Done V1.1.0
    • Handle new fields/tables dynamic additions
    • Allow "pre-saved" SQL scripts to run on a database on demand/on start up to prevent the need to manually re-enter objects to get to a certain state.
    • Finish up final support with certain trouble fields/tables (due to SQLite's structure)
    • Built-in Color Picker and (maybe) image selector helper
    • Speed/Performance improvement

    • Simple queries and SQL statements: Remove full tables or more complex edits can't be supported with this.
    • Works with the general GS install: Anything less can't be easily supported; anything more won't show, but shouldn't cause issues.

    If you run into any issues, please let me know, and upload the applicable DB files.
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