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Gun Mage Unit Pak 2018-09-14

Adds 2 magical melee units to the game

  1. sman1975
    Adds two units to the game - each with a customized attack animation - to give the units a more "magical" feel.

    1. Gun Mage: Available at Gunpowder

    2. Arcane Infantry: Available at Dynamite, obsolete at Penicillin.

    Units have a customized promotion to enhance their usefulness.

    Mod was requested from Amadhe, the Everbright Emperor on STEAM, original content from the "Fantasty Army Mod"

    Please to to this link to leave comments, questions,etc., about this mod:





    upload_2018-9-14_15-59-22.jpeg upload_2018-9-14_15-59-34.jpeg upload_2018-9-14_15-59-49.jpeg

    Gun Mage:
    upload_2018-9-14_16-0-8.jpeg upload_2018-9-14_16-0-28.jpeg upload_2018-9-14_16-1-0.jpeg upload_2018-9-14_16-1-15.jpeg upload_2018-9-14_16-1-34.jpeg

    Arcane Infantry:
    upload_2018-9-14_16-2-14.jpeg upload_2018-9-14_16-2-37.jpeg