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Gunships Mod {BTS 3.17 Compliant} 2016-10-05

Gunships Mod {BTS 3.17 Compliant}

  1. Crighton
    Gunships Module v.1.25 by Crighton

    Version 1.25 Updates - 09/07/2008
    Helicopter I​
    Requires Combat I
    Adds 10% vs Helicopter Units​
    Helicopter II​
    Requires Helitcopter I
    Adds 15% vs Helicopter Units​
    Helicopter III​
    Requires Helitcopter II
    Adds 15% vs Helicopter Units
    Adds 1 First Strike
    Adds 1 Chance of extra First Strike​

    Known Issues:
    Graphical Error when scrolling over units with the Custom Promotions

    All previous versions included with current version 1.25

    It's been my opinion that the later eras tend to get the short end of the proverbial stick when it comes to unit variety and usage so I figured I would try and help add some variety to the game.

    The standard Gunship remains unchanged but I've added a Naval Gunship which comes with the Amphibious promotion at a slight cost to firepower. Its the standard Gunship model but with a more nautical skin to it.

    Also included in the Gunships Mod is the next step up from the AH-1 Cobra, the AH-64 Apache. The AH-64 is a much beefier Attack Helicopter than the Cobra, at increased cost of course. At first glance the Apache may seem to be a bit overpowered, but given the AI's irrational habit to over produce Sam Infantry and Mobile Sams these units are given a new life.

    Lastly I added the RAH-66 Commanche Stealth Attack Helicopter, and yes it is stealthy. The Commanche was originally intended to be a stealth spotter designating targets for the Apaches but before budget cutbacks killed the program.

    The Commanche is a bit of niche weapon IMO, swing out across the border, pillage a tile and move on with the AI (& human wondering where oh where could it be?).

    Oddly, in my first round of testing this mod the AI tended to build Apaches at a rate of almost 2 to 1 compared to the Commanche (the Cobras were avoided once access to the necessary resources became availible to the AI). I also believe that the AI much like a person would prefer to lead with it's best foot forward so to speak and primarily went with producing the Apaches.

    I would greatly appreciate any feed back, specific details and credits listed below. Discussion Thread.

    Many thanks,


    Gunships Version 1.0 Details
    Spoiler :
    Gunships Module v1.0 adds the following:
    Naval Assault Gunship - AH1 - Cobra
    Tech Prerequisites: Rocketry & Flight
    Resource Prerequisites: Oil
    Cost 180
    Strength 20
    Starts with Amphibious Promotion
    25% Withdrawl Chance
    +100% vs. Armor

    Advanced Gunship - AH64 - Apache
    Tech Prerequisites: Composites & Computers
    Resource Prerequisites: Oil & Aluminium
    Cost 248
    Strength 40
    30% Withdrawl Chance
    +100% vs. Armor
    -25% vs Sam Infantry
    -50% vs Mobile Sam

    Stealth Gunship - RAH66 - Commanche
    Tech Prerequisites: Stealth, Fiber Optics & Robotics
    Resource Prerequisites: Oil & Aluminium
    Cost 300
    Strength 32
    40% Withdrawl Chance
    Invisible to Most Units
    2 First Strikes
    +100% vs. Armor​

    Credits -
    RAH66 - Ekmak
    AH64 - Snafusmith
    AH64 Button - Crighton
    AH1 Cobra - skin by GFO_Anubis
    AH1 Cobra Button - Crighton​


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