Gwani Scenario (FW) 0.1

A scifi alien world war between humans and aliens scenario by Ian Adkins.

  1. Blake00
    A scifi alien world war between humans and aliens scenario by Ian Adkins.

    Mod files rescued from Apolyton backups and repacked in 7zip by Blake. Successfully tested in Civ2 MGE. Also there was no Title.gif so Blake added one for fun.

    File added to this area as part of Blake's lost scenario/mod files restoration & cataloging project which can be found here:

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    Original Description/Intro:
    ^2189 AD (Last Earth Year): The Earth is virtually a wasteland after
    ^"The Warming". Six space consortiums escape in spaceships to colonise
    ^the recently discovered planet of Newton. They each establish one well
    ^defended city on the new planet and with the full range of technologies
    ^most city improvements are already built.
    ^Newton, or "Valgorld", is inhabited by human types that are at a
    ^technologically sophisticated medieval stage of development.
    ^Their civilisations fell into chaos at the coming of the invaders.
    ^Most became barbarians but one culture, the "Gwanis", managed
    ^to keep two major cities in tact.
    ^After 5 years of fighting, frustrated by the indigenous wild HORX,
    ^the six colonies still only have one city each.
    ^Focussed on survival they lack leadership, vision and strategy.
    ^Maybe the new tech, code-named T.A.T.F.A., is your only hope because it will
    ^allow you to build the powerful BBF unit. No sea units are available due to
    ^the nature of the oceans - except for the GWANI and the HORX barbarians.
    ^Lead one of these consortiums; OR defend your home planet as the
    ^ruthless leader GWANYN.
    ^Play the U.S.N.A. or GWANI if you want to be thrown into the thick of things!
    ^The story starts in Jan 105 and you have till Dec 114 - ie 120 new months.
    ^ From the writings of 'THE DEITY' - master planner and perfectionist.