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Hamtasy Civ (Civ 6) 3.0

Civ honoring the beloved seungsational Han Seungyeon

  1. Chinese American
    HAMTASY CIV for Civ 6

    Civ: Hamtasy
    Leaders: Han Seungyeon, Queen Seungyeon, Waifu Seungyeon
    Victory: Cultural
    Colors: Pink and Green
    Civ Ability: "Successful Beauty" : Each city receives +1 Production, Gold and Culture for each specialty district it constructs.
    Civ Unit: Hamtastic Knight : Hamtastic unique Medieval era unit that replaces the Knight. +10 Combat Strength when adjacent to another Hamtastic Knight.
    Civ Building: Concert Hall : +100% Tourism pressure from this city towards other civilizations in the Modern era.

    Han Seungyeon
    Leader Ability: "Hamtastic Idol" : Each city receives +10 Tourism and +2 Gold for each Theater and Entertainment Complex district. Bonus resources provide +4 Amenities.
    Leader Agenda: Same as Hojo.

    Queen Seungyeon
    Leader Ability: "Grace Under Fire" : Each unit gets +5 Strength when fighting in or adjacent to your home territory. No War Weariness from combat in your territory.
    Leader Agenda: Same as Gilgamesh.

    Waifu Seungyeon
    Leader Ability: "Culinary Science" : +100% production toward Granary, which provides extra +1 Food and +2 Science.
    Leader Building: "Culinary School" : Rice, Coffee, Tea, Citrus, and Fish resources gain +1 Food and Science each.
    Leader Agenda: Same as Peter.

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