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"Hannibal" by Simon de Bree for ToT and ToTPP 1.1

Hannibal was the son of the King of Carthage, Hamilcar Barca.

During the First Punic War, in which Hamilcar fought the Roman Empire for control of Sicily, the king told his son, Hannibal, to swear to hate and fight the Roman empire. So after his father’s death, Hannibal was brought up by his uncle, Hasdrubal. When he was old enough, Hannibal became the general of the Carthaginian forces in Spain, a colony of Carthage. When his uncle died, Hannibal took control of the Carthaginian empire.

There was a city called Saguntum, a powerful city that had allied itself with Rome, that in the middle of Carthaginian territory in Spain. This city was very proud when diplomats from Sagunutm visited Carthage, on their return trip home, they harassed the North African tribes, which were allies with Carthage.

And so Hannibal declared war on Saguntum and Rome declared war on Carthage, starting the Second Punic War.

The original scenario can be found on the Scenario League Website here.


The scenario has been made compatible to run on Test of Time and TheNamelessOne’s ToTPP (which includes the following features NoStackKills, CityPopulationLossAttack, CityPopulationLossCapture, Extra Settler Flag).

The following modifications were done (and have no incidence on gameplay):
  • The unit, terrain and many of the icons graphics have been updated.
  • Replaced many unit names either to make them more historical or to avoid confusing duplicate ones
  • Added cities names to all Tribal cities that were missing them (made them as historical as possible)
  • Replaced all mountain units with impassible Apennines terrain tiles on the map.
  • Replaced all desert and sand dunes tiles located in Gaul, Italy, Sardinia/Corsica and the Balkans with the more appropriate plains and hills terrain types on the map
  • Carthaginian 'Engineers' units may only build roads or improvements, not cities
  • As research plays no role in the game (the tech paradigm is set at 4000/10), removed all superfluous technological advances from the scenario
Otherwise, the scenario plays and remains the same as the original.

Special Note 1:

The scenario is separated into 5 event file parts. Completely disregard the scenario's ReadMe about using the Cheat menu for moving from one part to the next.

Rather use the Hannibal.bat files (base or advanced) provided with this download. Whenever it is time to switch to the next event file the scenario will advise you accordingly with the simple procedure to follow.

Special Note 2:

Though the scenario's events provide you with some degree of lattitude they are designed for you to follow a certain path. As such, DO NOT attempt to invade the island of Sicily until directed to do so!

Optional Advanced Events and Rules files:

I found achieving a decisive victory in the base game perhaps a little too easy. For those players wanting a somewhat more challenging experience you should run the Hannibal_Advanced.bat file before loading the scenario and select option "Part 1 of advanced scenario".

It has the following effect:
  • Slightly increases the cost of Carthaginian units and somewhat decreases the cost of Roman ones
  • Reduces the Carthagian infantry, elephant and siege weapons movement points by 1 MP
  • Slightly increases the defensive attributes of the Roman Garrison and Hastatii units
  • Decreases the chance of receiving free Gallic Warriors defeated in combat by 50%
  • Somewhat decreases the number of Carthaginian event generated reinforcements and increased the Roman ones
  • Significantly reduces the Carthaginian gold rewards when achieving certain objectives

Thank You Note:
I would like to extend a very special note of gratitude to Fairline for reviewing and updating my unit grid (especially the leaders)!


Civilization 2: Test of Time 1.1
ToTPP v0.184 (or higher) which can be found here.


Extract the archive into your main Test of Time folder

  • Run the Hannibal_Base.bat file select option "1. Part 1 of base scenario" before launching the scenario if you want to play the base scenario.
  • Run the Hannibal_Advanced.bat file select option "1. Part 1 of advanced scenario" before launching the scenario only if you want to play the advanced scenario and have a greater challenge.
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