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Harald Hardrada 2016-10-05

Harald Hardrada

  1. C.Roland
    Harald III of Norway, Harald III Sigurdsson, Harald Hardråde generally known as "Harald Hardrada", the last Viking

    King of Norway and later, King of Denmark and remembered for his invasion of England in 1066.

    Use the animation in the zip

    An other recycled LH. Based on my Charadon that I made from FFH. I haven't change a lot of thing on him except the armor, so it look pretty much like AoI's Charadon. The base model is probably the one that look the more like his vanilla counterpart of all the model I used for Bts, so we can easily tell from who he is based on, sorry.


    1. haralda1_28F.jpg
    2. haralda2_1zH.jpg