Harappa (Brave New World) v. 55

Harappa (Brave New World)

  1. Tomatekh
    Adds Harappa to the base game.

    The Harappan culture, more formally referred to as the Indus Valley Civilization, was a Bronze Age civilization that developed along the Indus and Ghaggar-Hakra river valleys in modern Pakistan and India. It was the largest out of all the contemporaneous Bronze Age civilizations; viz., Sumer along the Tigris and Euphrates, Egypt along the Nile, and China along the Hwang-he rivers. Indus Valley cities also exhibited sophisticated levels of urban planning and sanitation far more advanced than many of their contemporaries. The Indus Valley Civilization is perhaps best known today for the multitude of trade seals recovered among archeological sites. It was known to have engaged in an extensive trading network, with seals having been found in Mesopotamia, Oman, Persia, Afghanistan, and north and west India.

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    - This civilization requires the Brave New World expansion.
    - Updates to the Mod will most likely break save games. Please do not update until you are ready to begin a new game.
    - If you finish the Tradition Social Policy tree, the game will display a free Aqueduct instead of a free Sewer in Harappan cities. This is an aesthetic problem only, and you will still get the bonuses of the Sewer UB.



    Leader: Went-Antu

    UA: Trade Seals: Start with the location of all nearby Civilization and City-State Capitals (this does not establish contact). +1 Trade Route and a free Caravan after you settle your first City.

    UU: Replaces Worker. +1 Movement. Earns Gold for improving Luxury Resources.* Has a unique build action, Trade Luxury Goods, which may be used to satisfy 'We Love the King Day' requests with resources in Neutral or Friendly territory.

    UB: Sewer: Replaces Aqueduct. Available at Agriculture. -50% Production Cost. No Gold maintenance if built adjacent to a River.

    * Once per map tile.


    - Harappan leader screen by Leugi.
    - Harappan leader icon by Janboruta.
    - UU and UB icons by Sukritact
    - Unit (Cart) converted by Wolfdog with additional animation help by Leugi (base asset taken from Civ IV)
    - Unit (Worker) converted by Hangman (base asset taken from Civ IV)
    - DoM voiceover by Andrew Holt
    - Additional map details by Regalman
    - SQL help by JFD
    - Music taken the Rise of Nations soundtrack, "Sri Lanka"
    - All code and art otherwise not listed created by Tomatekh (primary author).



    Other modders, feel free to use this civ in any way you want but please give credit.


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