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Have Fun (Cheat Engine) 2016-10-05

Have Fun (Cheat Engine)

  1. Deep_Blue

    Have Fun (V2)

    This is a Cheat Engine Mod that allows you to do funny things in the game including taking control of AI civs (including City States). This mod could be useful for modders who who want to test particular things in the game, and allows easier debugging testing for mods in the game.


    This mods allows you to:
    • Take Control of any AI civ including City States.
    • Reveal Map.
    • Edit any Player in the game:
      • Add Gold.
      • Add Culture.
      • Add free Resources.
      • Add free units.
      • Adopt any Policy.
      • Learn any Technology.
      • Change city population.
      • Add buildings to cities.
      • Remove Buildings from cities.

    Screen Shots:
    Spoiler :

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