Hayam Wuruk [Modular] for Khmer 2016-10-05

Hayam Wuruk [Modular] for Khmer

  1. veBear
    This is a module that allows you to play as Hayam Wuruk of Majapahit without downloading my Indonesia module. It does this by adding him as a leader for Khmer. All text you need is included. Put in the following folder MODS/"YourModName"/Assets/Modules

    - Me for original LH and putting this together
    - Den for the Shadering of Hayam
    - The Almighty dF for Hayam's personality

    Hayam Wuruk
    King of Majapahit
    Lived: 1334 to 1389 AD

    Born as the fourth monarch of Majapahit, he is credited as a bright, talendted, handsome and exceptional in the courtly martial arts. He was educeted with the purpose of being the next Majapahit king and his reign marked the peak of Majapahit glory.
    When Rajapatni, Hayams grandmother, died in 1350, Tribhuwana, Hayams mum and queen of Majapahit, had to descend from the throne because she ruled Majapahit under Rajapatni's auspices, and she must relinquish her throne to her son. He inherited the throne at an age of 16, at the same time as his Prime Minister, Gajah Mada, was at the height of his career. With the help of Gajah Mada, Hayam extended his rule all trough the Indonesian archipelago.
    In 1357, Hayam was to marry the princess of the Sunda kingdom. The reasons of this royal engagement was probably a political one, to foster alliance between Majapahit and the Sundanese Kingdom. However in the Bubat incident, the Sunda royal family and their guards was involved in skirmish with Majapahit troops. The planned royal wedding ended in disaster with the death of the princess and the whole of Sunda royal party. The court officials blamed Gajah Mada, because it was his intention to demand submission from Sunda Kingdom that ended in bloodshed.
    Several years later, Hayam wed his cousin, Sori, and they had a daughter who later married to a relative, Wikramawardhana, who then became the Crown Prince. However Hayam also had a son, Wirabhumi, with the royal concubine, and after Hayams death in 1389, Wirabhumi tried to seize the throne from Wikramawardhana. Although Wikramawardhana crushed the rebellion in the end, is severly weakeden Majapahit and this can be seen as the start of its decline. ​


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